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  • CG Weekend Guide: Cairokee, Autostrad, Abou Samra, The Cadillacs & More


    If you feel like breaking loose from an all work mental state, the weekend usually comes with an abundance of chill hours for those in need of them.

    Thursday, you are probably still suffering from a “work hangover”. This is why partying hard with your intolerable workmates should be a top priority (at least, you can make fun of them afterwards). One of our favourite parties this Thursday, is a house party featuring DJs Arrab & Ahmed Eid. These guys will be on the decks shuffling through their insane house sets at Cairo Jazz Club.

    We all know The Garden Nile front boasts great tunes, and a magical view of the Nile. To ensure the marriage of the music and the Nile is a successful one, DJs Carlos and Asser Nabil will be leading the Nile Vibes party.

    Elsewhere, a couple of live performances are taking place at two of Cairo’s hottest clubs: Wust El Balad will take to the stage at The Tap East, while the Big Bang Boogie will be blessing our ears with some covers of trendy hits, as well as some classic oldies, at Cairo Jazz Club.

    Meanwhile, 24k will be changing up the game as international DJ Abou Samra takes to the decks. Abou Samra will be hitting us with some Tech House tunes, and alongside him, the DJs Jimmy and Hazem will be playing too.


    Friday is even more special because there is something there for everyone! You can either boogie all night with RamyDJunkie at Cairo Jazz Club 610, or enjoy some of Takh’s funky tunes and lyrics at The Tap WestCairo Jazz Club will also be hosting a night of house beats with DJ Special K and DeeRailed.

    If you would rather ditch the house tunes for something more oriental, Gu Bar is hosting the WKND party, featuring their best belly dancers. You will also get a chance to listen to DJ NENiO’s hip tunes.


    Saturday will be dedicated to the party animal inside you, as he/she bids a sad farewell to one festive weekend. The Tap East will be filling your stomach with a tasty brunch, and your ears with hot tunes, from 2pm  to 2 am, with DJs Frogmoose, Mavy & Sewwes.

    Now, for those ladies who are looking for a night out with their bffs, without the drama of men, babies, or work; The Garden Nile front will be hosting A Girl’s Night. Run the world, and run this party ladies!

    Meanwhile, Cairo Jazz Club 610 will be quadrupling the fun! Along with your brunch, Shady Ahmed is going to take to the stage with his silky smooth vocals. Next, DJ Sebzz will be playing some of his groovy beats; shortly after, the Cadillacs will be performing some of their rock covers . On the same day, Cairo Jazz Club 610 will be having the internationally renowned band, Cairokee.  On the other side of the city, the Jordanian band, Autostrad, will be hitting Cairo Jazz Club with some original indie tunes.

    Last, but not least, 24k‘s one and only DJ Soul M will be conquering the decks, with his hot R&B mixes.

    These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.


    By Sara Mosharef