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    Legendary British DJ Seb Fontaine to Hit Club 88 in Gouna!


    The CG spies are becoming quite fond of Gouna these days – and with good reason: Tamer Banna and Beyond Entertainment are set to announce a huge event for the long weekend over Thursday October 3rd-5th.

    On Thursday October 3rd, Gouna hotspot, Club 88, welcomes legendary British DJ, Seb Fontaine! Yes, that’s the Seb Fontaine; the man who helped shape the dance scene.

    Personally, I hold Mr Fontaine responsible for a 2 point drop in my GPA. He’s also responsible for the fact that my school and university days are a huge blur that play to the background of a Seb Fontaine medley. Whatever the case, the party continues on Friday with daytime party, Baywatch, where a yet-to-be-revealed guest DJ from the UK  – handpicked by Fontaine himself – will play.

    For those of you too young to appreciate Fontaine, take a listen at the DJ veteran weaving some magic just last month.

    But before you’re heads explode with excitement, Banna and co have more surprises in store; former Chelsea footballer and Champions League-winning manager, Roberto Di Matteo, is Baywatch’s guest of honour!

    For reservations and more information, call 0122 312 5120 – but do it quick!