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  • Causal Mondays Become Saturdays

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    Casual Mondays started out  as a party that is a place where you can escape it all, and just be casual and it use to take place on mondays.

    Then it at some point it became on tuesdays.  Then  went back to mondays.

    Now Casual Mondays decided to do Saturdays!

    Well I find the fact that they are doing saturdays genius, I mean its the only one night of the week that is empty from an overload events in it, its the last day in the week, and it also is most casual day of them all, so it makes sine CM to be Casual Saturdays

    Plus lets not forget all exams finishes then so woohoo school is out and the party is on.

    They will be bringing you  the “best Hip Hop/Rnb COMMERCIAL music, and on the decks they will have no other than the Wizard of this genre himself, DJ Feedo. ”

    Location = LEVEL

    Time = 10 ish

    Outfit = Urban Attire ( I am not quiet sure what this is )