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  • Casual Monday’s Season 3


    The pimp is back, and he is not back alone! Casual Monday season 3 will start next week, but not only feature K. Atallah, but also another mastermind of their generation, Mansour Hassan.


    and it came at much needed time especially, where everything is deep and hardcore! plus not to mention its spring, which means hello happy parties! I was actually thinking to myself last weekend when is CM returning, and it is a true story, i even asked one of Karim’s friend at an engagement party, and he said it is coming back faster than you think, then BAMMM HERE IT IS !

    well check what was just posted on the group now … and stay tuned for more details

    Casual Mondays will take place every other M O N D A Y featuring different DJ’s and live UNUSUAL performances.
    The whole concept is based on SIMPLICITY and focused only on how to entertain YOU! Different events will be created in the group to inform you more upon each one’s location and entertainemt.

    So stay tuned and be casual,
    Karim Attallah and Mansour Hassan