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  • Caprice presents Saturday Midnight Circus

    Got Cirqued ?

    so you know how Banna,  got last time in Gouna Cirque Du Soir, well guess what Banna is at again, and he is bringing to Sahel … Another kind of Circus… THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS ! so expect the acrobate dancers, the fire dancers and eaters,  the bendy people, the clowns … with a midnight flair, the whole circus is going to CAPRICE

    Check the message from organizer and art work below

    Got Circed?

    Caprice brings you the mystic seduction of the notorious Circus life into A MIDNIGHT CIRCUS SATURDAY where you’ll find the boundaries of entertainment pushed with the most sumptuous surroundings.  CAPRICE adds its touch turning the wild circus into the perfect blend of entertainment, excellence and class.