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  • Caprice NXT WK-END { Leb with a circus flair }

    Got Cirqued ?

    Caprice has released its next weekend schedule, it will have the Lebanese flair plus the Circus ! what you may ask is this weird combo ? Well Thursday Night they will be presenting the Midnight circus, a special Columbian circus that goes around the world performing incredible acts and entertainments and this would be the first time they come to Egypt, and Tamer’s 2nd time to present such unusual yet highly entertaining acts !!

    Got Cirqued ?

    Friday on the other hand DJ RALPH from beirut shall be coming on Friday night to play some HIPSTER house music that you all have heard before and love.

    DJ RALPH <;3 Whiskey

    Then rumor has it there might be a sundown party on saturday – day time, so before you drive back to cairo go for one last time … Hit the beach party