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    First off ! as mentioned before in the Caprice gossip, caprice is going with Lebanese staff on us ! think Lebanese bartenders giving out leb shots ! Also rumor has Caprice has went a make over and when you go back to in summer part 2 you will find it a bit of a make over ! and now with no further introduction the CAPRICE entertainment eid schedule !

    19th August: Day 1 –  FREEMASONS ! 

    Yes you read it right the first day of Eid, caprice is bringing in Freemasons, together with a colossal spanish performance, if thats not enough, they will light up your night with FIREWORKS !!!!

    August 21st :D AY 3: BURLESQUE

    Caprice Resident Lebanese  DJ Ralph will be flair it up along with a BURLESQUE show… Think Glamour. Think Sassy! Think sexy. Think the flair of Tamer Banna


    Then comes the weeekend!!!

    August 23rf : Thursday: Surprise lebnease artist to come .. more details to be announced soon !!! 


    Supermartxe are coming to Caprice, with DJ HUGO Sanchez, and ladies … check him out! (pic below) BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE.. not just the DJ is coming but also the vocalist Sandra Triado and the SUPERMARTXÉ show !


    but thats not the end of Caprice schedule nor gossip ! expect more to come my (our way) soon