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    THIS WEEK IS ON FIRE !!! (P.S. image above is not mine, i took of the inter-web, its cute though.. i just added the date to it )

    Day,Nile Maxim, Tamarai,  CJC, amici

    Monday, B-Side Finale @ Outdoors ,- , Fahmy&Samba, Hisham Zahran

    Tuesday, Private Party  @ Risas,Return of Nostalgia ,  - , -

    Wednesday,Ladies Night, – , DJ Ramy Boogie ,الحفلة with aly b

    Thursday, Happy hour @ Risas & Awesome end of day @ Nile Maxim, Tamarai Original with Lyon, – , -

    Thursday you also have The Maison Blanche Christmas party !  brought to you by K.Attalah & Mansour Hassan :)

    Thursday o bar has house arrest, with Shaggy, Louli Megahead & Shaima Vocals !!!

    Friday you  have  NACELLE HOUSE SESSIONS  in the Temple and Mohasseb in Cairo Jazz Club end of Days party !!!!!!