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    واضح إنو كان في كبت كتير على البرتي سين ! لأنو إنهردة كلو برتيس

    No seriously the debate of whether to go to itte7adia or tahrir is no longer the main thing today is how to hop three parties at once !

    Where do we start..

    so there is the Party that i am not suppose to talk about… which is the audio damiana 03 … the organizers has declared this party as a non gossip party ( but little he knows, when i am there tonight i will be taking pictures !! But to his advantage… guess what.. I HAVE PASSWORD PROTECT posts now… so i will password protect those pictures and give the password only on the audio damiana PRIVATE group https://www.facebook.com/groups/audiodamiana/

    Speaking of private parties  you have to private events

    - amici : is booked out tonight for one special outgoing boy go away party and a lot of the people are going to be there because well that boy is loved by all !!!!

    - BUDDHABAR:  Now there is a trio birthday happening in buddha bar tonight of also three people loved by all ! a threesome of a bday bash if you might ask me !!! bardo zahma ya donia zahma

    Then you have