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    I am too lazy to update the calendar so i am doing this the old school way!!!

    First off your night should as always start at ALCHEMY, with their weekly drinking instalment, this week it is dedicated to the  FORBIDDEN NECTAR of the DAIQUIRI

    After that well we have on one of end of town its is making a lot of buzz, like a lot a lot lot of buzz! HASSAN ABOU ALLAM IN IN OBAR!

    {Froggie tonight will be in both Alchmey & O Bar, just saying}

    and of course your city’s favourite terrace club  TAMARAI is going all commercial on our asses with TOP OF THE POPS!

    Then on the other side of town we have in level a new group of event organisers are calling themselves “4Elite” and they are throwing a party in LEVEL called elite sessions, rumor has it that John Damian from the Student DJ would be on the decks!