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    So as previously mentioned this week is cut by two nights considering Wednesday & Thursday are Dry NIGHTS

    Day, Nile Maxim, CJC, Tamarai, Amici

    Sunday, Risas happy hours 6-8, – , -,Happy Hours 7-9

    Monday, Risas Happy hours 6 -8 & Nacelle’s B Side @ Outdoors, TOYBOYS, – , Happy hours 7-9

    Tuesday,  Za3′routa & Risas Happy Hours 6-8,-,  Classico Ft. Samba&Fahmy W/ special surprise, Happy Hours 7-9

    and incase you want to know about Za3′routa party …

    well its a Private Party, that will take you back to when parties were fun!! its a new a concept of parties, that is building on old traditions. I am not allowed to say more than that.  but i am lucky to show you two variations of its logo !!