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  • Cairo Jazz Club’s Beat’s Landing Series Returns


    As if Cairo Jazz Club’s schedule wasn’t busy enough, the enduring bar is set to bring back one of its most popular series, Beats Landing, this month. Returning on Friday 18th of April, the series has, in the past, seen some top foreign talent take to the stage at CJC, including Vintage Culture, Teenage Mutants and, most recently, Dave Seaman.

    This upcoming edition is set to welcome Brazilian music-maker, Wehbba, whose resumé is as  random as his techno and techno-house sets are limb-flail-inducing. Though he’s been in the music for almost a decade, Wehbba’s pre-DJ life saw him dip into dentistry, diving instruction and jujitsu – don’t get to close to him on the night or he’ll put you in a kimora lock, whatever that is.

    Aside from his colourful history, Wehbba – real name Rodolfo Wehba with one ‘b’ – is a big name on the Brazilian electronic music circuit thanks in part to his work as a producer, with his debut album, Full Circle, cementing his unique style and position from 2010 onward as a pretty in-demnand producers in Brazil and Europe, where he spent time spending his music seed while living in the Czech Republic. He’s also been called “one of Brazil’s main electronic music ambassadors” but we suspect that came from his management. They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

    Throw caution to the wind and call 01068804764 for reservations.

    By Kalam El Qahaira