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    Cairo Jazz Club & ToyBoys to Break Curfew on Halloween

    Trick or Treat

    The Old Lady of Cairo nightlife – a new nickname I literally just made up for Cairo Jazz Club – doesn’t get enough credit. Amidst the newer players on the bars and clubs scene, CJC has stood strong and proud, never straying from its true essence; no gimmicks, no messing around, just CJC. And the old gal still has a few tricks (and treats) up her sleeve.

    On Thursday 31st of October, Halloween fever hits Cairo, and CJC is doing it big with ‘Trick or Treat’. But there’s more in store; rock & roll cover band, Screwdriver, will start the night, before ToyBoys take over till the wee, wee, wee hours of the morning – 6AM to be precise.

    Yes, the boys and girls at Cairo Jazz Club are breaking the curfew and I love it.

    Ps, CJC are enforcing a strict ‘no-napping’ policy. Don’t be one of these people who thinks it’s funny to bring a sleeping bag. Yeah, I’ve seen it.