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  • Cairo Halloween Update

    Here is an update about the parties regarding halloween.

    Regarding the Temple Halloween party, well Tazkarty.net has worked with Diwi and Aguizy and developed this customized system for them, where they can elect table owners, and each table owner manages their own table and own guest list. Very simple, very powerful… login to tazkarty.net like below. 


    Since last time i posted on halloween parties, i do have a few new parties to announce:

    • Cairo Jazz Club: its actually celeberating halloween on the actual day of halloween on Monday 31st of October,

    One, Two, DJ Samba is coming for you…
    Three, Four, better hit that dance floor…
    Five, Six, costumes & characters in the mix…
    Seven, Eight, prepare to stay up scary late…
    Nine, Ten… Happy Halloween from CJC! 

    • Amici Halloween: would be hosting a themed night called “Heaven & Hell” on friday which rumor has it shall be open bar, obviously with a ticket. On Monday the 31st there also will be another party, i would be giving away details on both parties soon, when it all becomes publicly available
    • The Haunted House: well its more like the Haunted Tower, but oh well, its just a name, the young’uns seem to plan to occupy Cairo Tower yet once again, with a halloween party there on friday with special decorations and costumes by Sew, on the DECKs will be The ToyBoys and remember this is a Haunted House, get ready for surprises!  This is a small event there are only 10 tables, you must be on the guest list to get in.

    TICKET: 350 le LOUNGE: 1000 le HIGH TABLE: 750 le OPEN BAR – NO BOUCHON


    for previous halloween party, that had info on Dubstepped, GhostnShell, the nightmare cruize listing just click here