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  • Cairo 360 Set to Celebrate Fourth Anniversary at Cairo Jazz Club


    In August of last year, Media Republic acquired Cairo Gossip in a brutal corporate takeover, which meant that we had to start sharing headquarters with a website called Cairo 360 and its overlord kingpin, Waseem El Tanahi.

    Unaware that there were any English-language lifestyle websites in Cairo apart from CG, we were told that it was a pretty decent site headed by a very handsome and talented managing editor, with a knee-wobblingly sexy British accent and a very mean and hairy Egyptian face.

    It turns out that they’ve been around for a few years – four years to be exact. In those four years, Cairo 360 has gone on to become – according to their slogan – the definitive guide to living in the capital. Offering reviews and features across everything from dining and nightlife, to arts & culture, health & fitness, shopping and more, as well as a very handy, comprehensive events calendar that’s almost as good as CG’s, 360 is a one-stop shop for everything you need for living and visiting Egypt’s capital.

    To celebrate such an esteemed claim, Cairo Jazz Club will this week hold a alcohol-and-music-induced party, with DJ Ramy manning the decks on Wednesday 19th.

    I might go – I’ll have to check my schedule first.