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  • byGANZ presents: ROGER SANCHEZ

    Summertime facebook

    Roger SanchEz announced on his website http://www.rogersanchez.com/events/?location_id=362 byGanz is announcing it now on facebook

    Byganz for one day and one day only will be throwing a massive production party, in EL VILLA ! FEATURING NON OTHER THAN

    Note that all tables have been pre-booked for the event, and this is an a kind of event where you are INVITED to BUY THE ENTRANCE . 

    So get ready for the 23rd of August byGanz will be rocking the beaches of Bianchi Sidi Abdel Rahman and el Villa !!!!

    and ya3ni i am assuming El Ragel, Roger Sanchez, needs no introduction but here is some of youtube and soundclouds