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  • Breaking into Spring: Amr Hosny Set For Tipsy Gig


    I get nervous when I don’t see Amr Hosny‘s face at least once every few weeks. As the undisputed Godfather of the Egyptian DJing scene, Hosny has seen it all and done it all, and quite frankly – without meaning to sound like a creep – Cairo’s nightlife scene just isn’t the same without him.

    But the man has come out of hibernation and will debut at Maadi's recently opened Tipsy Bar & Lounge tomorrow night (Thursday 17th) from 9PM. Already a favourite with locals, Tipsy has already hosted some of Egypt's top DJs, including Aguizi & Fahim and Misty & Hafez.

    With all due respect to those four rapscallions - literally four of the best around right now - nothing beats a Amr Hosny party. And just to repeat, I am not a creep, nor do I suffer from an unhealthy bout of hero worship, fuelled by my own shattered dreams of DJing.

    For reservations, call 0101 493 0002.