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  • Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky Invites Three Egyptian DJs to Moscow’s Boiler Room This February!

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    Ballantine’s blessed our summer with three rounds of its True Music event, where Egypt’s hottest talents spun their craziest mixes and sets during Ballantine’s True Music Back2Back sessions. The take away here was that DJing allies got to compete against two other pairs of DJs; and after the final round, the winners would go to Ballantine’s Boiler Room in Moscow, Russia.

    Eight unmatched local DJs battled to win the title of Ballantine’s True Music most loved DJs through attendees casting their votes. In the first session, we saw the duo A-Squared b2b with Jimmy against Shawky and Misty; in the second round, it was Mohasseb b2b with Abou Samra vs Gawdats and Fayed. The pairs that qualified for the final session were Mohasseb b2b with Abou Samra vs Jimmy b2b with A-Squared.

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    After the groovy folks made their decision about who was worthy of their votes, in the final round it was announced that Jimmy and A-Squared would be packing up to attend one of the world’s most anticipated events, Ballantine’s Boiler Room on the 28th of February.

    This chance to attend the Boiler Room in Moscow as special guests will allow the DJs to live a real True Music experience on a global scale and network towards future opportunities outside of Egypt. Promoting local artists is the true essence behind Ballantine’s presence in the music scene, and is the DNA of the ‘True Music’ concept.

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    We hear you asking, what is Boiler Room? Answering this question is no easy task, for it is a platform that has hosted 4,000 performances and 5,000 artists over the course of only eight years. Beginning in 2010, Boiler Room started as an online broadcast, filmed through a webcam that was taped to a wall in a warehouse in London. After one year of Boiler Room’s live sessions, it amassed a large audience and attracted the attention of international publications such as the BBC.  

    So far, as written in The Guardian, Ballantine’s has stated that Boiler Room has streamed over 3,500,000,000 minutes of music; a whopping figure indeed, positioning itself as one of the biggest platforms for music, and hosting the best spinning events there are. Thanks to their culture of the open dancefloor policy, where the idea of VIPs and the like is nonexistent, it promotes tolerance and diversity, and creates a dancefloor of unconfined expression from all walks of life.

    When you align Ballantine’s goals behind their True Music project with what the Boiler Room is all about, you will find that they blend in seamlessly. That’s precisely why we love the collaboration between Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky x Boiler Room, and we can only hope that Ballantine’s will keep inspiring and pushing forth young Egyptians to network outside their country, and maybe even perform on an international deck?

    If you want to reserve tickets for Ballantine’s Boiler Room in Moscow, Russia, on the 28th of February make sure to check Upcoming a month before the event, and reserve your spot! It is totally worth it! If you’ll be unable to attend, there will be a livestream here!