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  • Back2Basics brings you PACHA


    Okay before i say anything, there is one thing i want to get off my mind, when i think of B2B, i think of the Letters BB, then I think of Bareback sex (unsafe sex) Yes i am dirty minded.

    Now in a way, thats how i feel about Back 2 Basics Parties, I will be going there, I will let loose, I will be all over the place, I will let me Guard down, I will just be ME, where i can be me and have fun

    Now to the important part. Back 2 Basics, has announced their Spring edition line up, its all about PACHA, BY getting John Jacobsen from Pacha Ibiza & our local OUZO from Pacha sharm, be sure for it to be a night of HIGH ENERGY!

    The one thing they havent announced is the location, well here is a bit of gossip its a new location, its outdoorsy, but we cant say more than that.