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  • Back to Basics (PARTY)


    So there is a party that is going to be thrown by a certain someone. Forget who right now, because as much as that is important that is not the important detail.

    The important part is the party is called BACK TO BASICS! 

    Meaning the basics of a good party, and here is the formula that i was able to figure out after talking to people close to the organiser ( she wouldnt say much but i got the following quotes from her )

    “very well monitored guest list (3al farraza) , very good entertainment the event will be up in 2-3 days “

    ” the line up of DJs, the set up, the guest list it’s the basics of a good party”

    ” it’s a light uplifting party everything has become too dark these days this is the first night, it’s very well planned “

    So ladies and Gents it seems we would be getting a good mood lifting party very very soon !