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  • Back 2 Basic’s ‘The Reunion’: The Last Day-Party of the Year


    There’s a lot to be said for event organisers in Cairo – ego, pride and the maniacal pursuit of a single concept of perfection often turn a a potentially good party into a waste of time, money and what you have left of a functioning liver. But Back 2 Basics‘ Cairo parties have, more often than not, got it right for one simple reason: they keep it simple.

    Such is the case The Reunion on Friday 14th. It’s really just a matter of simple mathematics. Take one of the best best venues in Cairo (Fairmont Nile City‘s Sky Pool), add four of Egypt’s most inimitable DJs (Mohasseb, SHawky, Ouzo & Abu Samra) and multiply it by booze – and lots of it.

    The day-party, which kicks off nice and early at 2PM,  is likely to be the last of the year for Back 2 Basics, as Ismail Kassem and co. cling onto what little sunshine and good weather we have left in Cairo before the inevitable murky winter descends.

    Having celebrated their one year anniversary earlier this year, the future is looking bright and busy for B2B.

    Here’s a little something to warm you up from one of Cairo Gossip’s favourites, Mohasseb.