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    This is becoming the must attend party, and for a reason, even before the organizers announced details of the party, of who is coming etc, the place got 60-70% booked out. So you can imagine how people are excited about this. Then the announcement came earlier this week, i am assuming the spots are booked out  our there is very limited tables available.

    People you know why Back2Basics is so popular because well it gives fills in a gap in the market that doesn’t exist. PROGRESSIVE PARTY… the basics of Partying, actually.

    Well here is the details of the Summer Gate. Day Party in Tamarai on 31st of May, Yes a Day party in Egypt’s premier party destination Tamarai.  Entertainment would be best in uplifting House Music

    - Able the Kid (Subliminal Records)
    - Ahmed Shawky (Egyptian Rising Talent )
    - Lyon (Tamarai Wonder)

    Lets start with Able the Kid, if any of you know anything Subliminal Records, it is the record company by ERIC MORRILO, one of the best in Progressive.

    So Able hails from the motherland of house, Ibiza, and he is not just a DJ he is also a producer, check one of his original tracks… HOTNESS! His music is progressive to new level of hotness. just check out this snippet of his latest release this year titled “In My House”

    Ahmed Shawky, ouufffff I love Shawky’s music, i love it because where when every one is going to direction of DEEP & TECH in Egypt, him and Mohasseb remain as the only DJs in Egypt sticking to PROGRESSIVE!  This is a new set by him called Battle of the Sexes, Dance edition .. when listening to it think DAY LIGHT, Think Summer, Think Mojito!

    Then Lyon, oh Lyon needs no Introduction! Tamarai’s resident who spins to us the best in Commercial Dance music hits!

    WITH THIS LINE UP … I am really excited about the night, because that means IT WOULD BE A SMOOTH JOURNEY, where my FEET will not stop dancing.

    Now one of the sponsors of this party is East/West Holidays, now usually I wouldnt care who the sponsor of a party is, but What i like about the choice of this sponsor, is that it comes at the right time, and I love it when a party organisers aligns his sponsors with the theme of the party and the timing. Well  since it is traveling seasons and a lot of us are planning our escape to Mykonos or Ibiza or  Santorini, having East West Holidays as a sponsor is the perfect choice!

    Check out this package below … its is CATCH !! FOR MORE STUFF CHECK OUT THERE FB PAGE https://www.facebook.com/eastwestholidays