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  • Back 2 Basics: SPRING.


    The next Back 2 Basics party is coming your way soon

    So to everyone who attended the first “back to basics: the beginning” would understand when I say this is HOT gossip.

    Well for one, the back to basics party SPRING edition has been announced to take place on the 19th of April,  now the gossip is that it would take place in a totally new location, where exactly… well that is still a secret, but a place with open air.

    This party also will feature a fashion runway… couldnt you guess that from the image above teaser? Yes and considering it would be spring you would be showing off your spring fashion as you enter the venue through the run way. Now boys and girls, here at CairoGossip command centeral, we recommend that this year ditch all jeans.. jeans are out and old… go for colorful khakis or pants… that is the IN thing, that is the fashionable thing.  Especially blues and greens.

    below is a little convo i had with the back to basics facebook profile as soon as they announced… that is telling us that there is a new venue and theme. 

    ( check out pictures of the beginning back to basics party by clicking here  password = begin)