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  • Back 2 Basics | May 31st | Summer Gate


    Oh its time for the THIRD BACK 2 BASICS PARTY!

    Now here is the dish,

    It will take place in Tamarai’s Terrace!  on May 31st, as a day party!

    Theme is called Summer Gate!

    Why well because when june comes, this typically when we say bye bye cairo and fly out to Europe, USA, or even drive up to Gouna or Sahel. So this party is meant to be the BYE BYE SPRING, HELLO SUMMER! One last time to gather with your friends.

    Music, well trust in them. They got you Carlos Gallardo & John Jacobson, and well they will bring you someone who is one the same frequency, the high one, i know who but I can not tell, but I promise you this, he would make you non stop jumping in the air!