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  • Awesome X Nineteen84: ALL DAY LUV JAM


    If you are on your phone, go to your calender and type in the date May 4, luv-jam gouna. If you are traditional pencil and paper person, then get a notepad and write it down. If you are into ink, go to you tattoo parlour and get inked on your hands the date. Because May 4th in Gouna is a date you do not want to miss.

    Luv*Jam are coming to  Gouna courtesy of Awesome & Ninteen84, what i love about Luv Jam is their sound-cloud description. You know how i am obessed with animals. well LUV JAM describes themselves as “58%RABBIT / 16.1%HEDGEHOG 4%SQUIRREL / 3.7%FOX 3.4%BADGER / 1.6%RAT / 1%DEER 1%STOAT,WEASEL,POLECAT,MINK ”

    I love it! but the bastards forgot the sea creatures… but they are forgiven as they added in MINK!and plus their music is HOT

    one of UK house’s finest, Luv*Jam

    With recent releases on ‘We Play House’ and “Tsuba Records’, and his very own ‘Crow Castle Cuts’ and ‘Blind Jack’s Journey’, Luv*Jam’s productions are intimate, well crafted experiences tha never disappoint.

    As a DJ, Coley – Luv*Jam has played some of the world’s leading festivals, parties and radio stations including Bestival, Chibuku, Creamfields, Global Gathering, Mulletover, Samurai, Sankey Soap, Secret Sonar, Tribal Gathering, Wakestock and We Love.

    But that  is not it… you are literally having LOCAL  superheros, Actually i use the word superheros a lot, let me use a different word. Local Heavy Weights Minus T! Tamer Auf & Aly Goede on the decks!!

    to give you an all day party from 2pm all the way to 2am! 12 fucking hours!!


     and the hotness factor is not just 12 hours.. its the location. the club house. An escape away from the hustle and bussle of the marina 

    have you guys checked out our heavy weights soundcloud before here mis minus t

    here is tamer auf

    and here is Aly Goede’s