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  • April at Cairo Jazz Club: International Jazz Day, CJC X Mada, Music from Europe & More!


    Another month, another packed, stacked and jacked schedule at Cairo Jazz Club. Now, fans of the Jazz – or CJC Ultras, as we like to call them – will have noticed subtle but significant changes in the way CJC do things. One of the latest tweaks is a revamped Sunday, which will welcome a more diverse kind of music to help you kick-off your week.

    But that’s just a side-note to much bigger things – check out some of this month’s highlights.


    (Photo: Doha Khamis Zayn/PTTU on Faccebook)

    It’s a month of debuts at CJC and the first one comes in the form of one of Egypt’s most unique bands, Procession Towards the Unknown. Bringing together the likes of Scarab stalwarts Sammy Sayed and Sherif Elias, as well as Cherif El Masry of The Invisible Hands, pinning down PTTU’s music is near-impossible. The words ‘experimental’ and ‘avant-garde’ would be in there, but for the group’s Cairo Jazz Club debut, Sayed and co have something special in store – a dedication to influential Spanish silent film director and cinematic illusionist, Segundo de Chomón.


    (Photo: Katarína Orešanská/Mydy Rabycad on Facebook)

    There’s a distinctly international flavour about this particular night, with the flags of Egypt, Palestine and the Czech Republic flying high. One of the most unique nights of music you’ll find anywhere this month awaits, as quirky electro-swing band, Mydy Rabycad, perform in Egypt for the first time. Also performing on the night is a man that Cairo has been lucky enough to get to know over the last few months, Palestinian DJ, Sotusura, as well as the always excellent Safi.

    BOOGIE NIGHT FT. RAMY DJUNKIE (Wednesday 12th)


    While this round-up is dripping in debuts and new acts, we couldn’t NOT include the return of what is historically one of the most popular nights at Cairo Jazz Club. Yes, Boogie Night returns and bringing back this particular boogie is the man they call the ‘Boogie Monster’, Ramy DJunkie (does the word boogie sound weird yet?). Giving you a dose of the good stuff midweek – when we all need it most – Djunkie has been on fire in recent months. This, in no uncertain terms, is one not to miss.

    AL VIN AL KHALIDI (Tuesday 18th)

    (Photo: Al vin Al Khalidi on Facebook)

    You know that face. Yes, that’s Nadin Al Khalidi of Tarabband fame – a group that has performed several times in Cairo over the years. This time, though, Al Khalidi is back in Cairo with her other band, Al vin Al Khalidi, who have some pretty unique inspirations. Building on the distinctive sound that came from the Arab rock scene in the 70s, this Swedish trio have been making waves both in their homeland and in Europe and are set to deliver a rousing performance if ever you’ve seen one.


    (Photo: Othman El Kheloufi on Facebook)

    There aren’t many genres of music that can claim to have as spectacular a day dedicated to it as jazz. Yes, International Jazz Day is a very real and very serious occasion among relevant musical circles, so what better place to celebrate a genre that has gone on to inspire so many others than at the Home of Live music? This year, the folk at CJC have recruited acclaimed Moroccan musician, Othman El Kheloufi, who’s unique style of jazz (one that incorporates all kinds of other influences) will take over on a night that will also see Cairo Big Band Society take to the stage.



    This is one’s a biggie. Two of the most important institutions in developing and evolving music in Cairo come together for a very unique concept. This is how it works: the guys at Mada Masr give the guys a CJC a piece of literature, to which CJC carefully recruits select musicians to interpret and compose music based on said literature. Kicking off this weird and wonderful concept is the irresistible Maii Waleed, who will be joined by Ahmed Saleh and Marawan Waheed.

    VEGA & SPECIAL K (Friday 28th)

    dj-vega(Photo: Vega on Facebook)

    Tarek El Araby, aka Vega, is no stranger to the house scene in Egypt. He’s been around the block a few times and is now, of course, one of Nile FM’s stars. Which makes it all the more peculiar that he has never performed at CJC – yes, NEVER. Fear not, though, as the man will finally make his debut this month on a special Friday Fever that will also see Special K return.

    These are, of course, just a few of the big events at CJC in April, including a big Easter special – stay tuned to the Cairo Jazz Club Facebook page for more!