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  • An Awesome World

    Asem Tag reminds me much of that song that came out in the late 90s … BLUE … i am blue da ba dee da ba da !

    Why do i say so .. because the dude, runs an Awesome life, with his Awesome Magazine, and his Awesome Life style and now he is doing an AWESOME NYE EVENT! … The man lives in AWESOME BUBBLE I ENVY HIM!  details of the event is


    For the first time in Egypt, The Middle East, Africa, Asia, Malaysia, Erlend Øye live at OPIUM.
    Erlend will deliver a live set of his solo work along with Kings of
    Convenience & The Whitest Boy Alive favorites, then he will join Kalle on the decks for a special dj set that will get you on your feet.

    Check out the artists here:
    * Erlend Øye:
    Kings of Convenience:
    The Whitest Boy Alive:

    Probably like you … you asked who the Ef is Erlend Øye that has a dash on the O ! well he is apparently super famous and done a lot song with ROYKSOP.  Not only that during this NYE event Erlend performance would be extremely special, think of a performance where the person is actually interacting with the crowd !

    to book via tazkarty go to this link http://www.tazkarty.net/details.aspx?event_id=220