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  • An Awesome “End of Days (World)” | 1st time Friendy Fire x Foals in Egypt


    So according to the Mayans, the wold will end in 21/12/2012.

    YIIPPIIEE !  finally we are going leave this material earth, float the universe as advanced enlightened souls, finally this earth will be cleansed

    That being aside, for the FIRST TIME  in Egypt you would be getting an FRIENDY FIRES & FOALs (DJ sets)  courtesy of AWESOME ! yes awesome now is doing parties now !

    so Jack Savidge, Friendly Fires and Edwin Congreave, Foals would be rocking the decks

    but nots it ! Also onthe Decks would be Tamer Auf & Klady !

    oh and how Did AWESOME describe the event… well rather than going for the lengthy detailed description… they opted for the simple and accurate description

    DEEP SHIT !