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  • an amicified interview

    Amici is not like an regular cocktail bar in cairo, and that is not because of its cocktails, the amici edge comes from its staff.  Side note: did you know that amici is italian for friends. Thats exactly how you feel about the people that work in amici, our friends ! so today i bring you an interview with our friends, two of the people behind amici’s bar. Sarah & Hunter.

    Q: When did you start working in Amici ?

    Sarah: Decemmber

    Hunter: December

    Q: What was the wierdest request you got ?

    Sarah: a brain hemorrhage with gin, instead of peach schnapps, other than that people here are pretty straight forward in their drinks

    Hunter: Tequila with coke cola

    Q: How often do you get hit on ?

    Sarah: on average 3-4 times a week

    Hunter: Not so often, but my brother Taylor gets hit on  a lot, he recently joined the amici team

    Q: what do you do when yo get hit on ?

    Sarah: i did give my a number a few times, that is if they are respectibale and not annoying

    Hunter: i just dont care

    Q: Who is your favourite Rawy or Lilo ? ( for those who dont know rawi and lilo are the owners)

    Sarah: if i want to go crazy, i would go hang out with rawi. If i want to chill and girl talk lilo is my girl.

    Hunter: i love both of them, they both treated me really great, but if i would hit up a casino or bar hop, i would go with rawi, If i want to sit down and have a chat about something serious i would hang with lilo

    Q: what is your favourite part of working in amici ?

    Sarah: people i have met

    Hunter: despite the communication barriers with the regular staff (me being english speaker and some of them arabic) but i love my co-workers

    Q: what is the one thing you would change ?

    Sarah+Hunter: the people who cant handle their alcohol

    Q: What is the craziest thing you have seen in amici ?

    Sarah+Hunter: FTV was once on, and all of a sudden it turned into soft porn, and of course the night that mubarak stepped down. We were fully stocked, however we ran out of every drink in the bar and we ended up closing up at 5am

    Q: If you were a cocktail what would be ?

    Sarah: A Smex Me UP (its a new cocktail of pomegranate with banana we made with mr. e3lanaty)

    Hunter:  Burbon on the rocks