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  • An Alchemy Christmas …


    I am in love with Alchemy, i am. I think its because i havent seen so much attention to details in any bar or restaurant in egypt. The little things does matter !

    little things like having your napkin embroided with the logo of Alchemy, it just shows that place care so much to go to that level of details

    of having the christmas menu actually printed out for you.. telling you btw this is what we are offering tomorrow, while maintaining their same branding (not printed on plane paper with no design )

    its just all those attention to details that matter.. it makes you feel the place is putting a lot of effort !

    Anyway all that aside THEY ARE HAVING A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS MENU for Monday & Tuesday (Christmas Eve and Christmas Night) … check it out below !! it looks yummy !!

    to reserve to alchemy you can call them on 0109 111 0577 or check out their facebook https://www.facebook.com/AlchemyEgypt