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    Amici to Launch New Fondue & Jazz Night


    Cairo’s bars and clubs are forever trying to come up with the next biggest thing. Unfortunately, most themes or gimmicked events haven’t found the same popularity as Amici‘s staple weekly wine and fondue night.

    But not content with resting on their laurels, owner, Rawy Rizk, and co, are keeping things fresh with that very simple, but very brilliant thing called jazz.

    As if the idea of indulging in wine and fondue on a cold January night in Cairo wasn't lavish enough, the addition of live jazz is set to add a whole new dimension to the evening. Launching on Wednesday 22nd of January with the always entertaining Ashraf Habashy and the Jazz Caterers at Amici Zamalek, the newly adjusted concept is set to welcome Cairo's best singers every week, and rumour has it that it will eventually be adopted by the Heliopolis branch, too.

    Stay tuned for more info.