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  • Amici Zamalek & Heliopolis Opening Gossip !

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    with in the next 8 days two amicis will be opening! not one BUT TWO !!


    Amici Zamalek

    Re-opening taking place this Friday, and is rumors to have had be re-fitted with a new look, a new menu, and new target market clientele ! rumor has it there is even new drinks and oh rumor has it that your summer’s favorite flair boy, Mikey is going to be all over the zamalek branch!

    The new menu, will be focused on Sushi and Thai food, since they have no a resident Thai chef !

    [/one_half] [one_half_last] Amici Heliopolis aka ” Amici 100″

    is opening its doors on Wednesday 12th September, and is already pre-booked for the opening event since the owners having very solid connections with Heliopolitan crew! The venue is rumor to have the same elements of the Zamalek bar. Colors, use of wood, granite, etc however the place is actually a lot bigger ! … where is Amici heliopolis you might ask?

    … its 100, Hegaz street !  I think from now on i will call it “Amici 100″ instead of Amici helio… what do you think ?