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  • Amici, Got Wood ?

    well its this time of year when you get free wood … :)

    Well Tuesday  the 17th WeWood and Amici will be joining their wood together (you noticed the amount of wood in amici)  … to give you a chance to share the wood, i.e. they will give you wood, a WeWood watch that is,

    simple all you have to do wear the watch smile for cairozoom camera and then you are in a draw to win the watch, and thats not all you get 20% discount off the watch only during that event, so come with a wallet full of cash incase you want to spend money on something more than just drinks :)

    BUT you know what …. all this don’t compare to the entertainment ! we are saying ALY-B AND NEOBYRD  yes these two crazy djs, artists, whatever you call them who don’t conform to the traditional egyptian DJ association and dare to play different.  I already have a wood, and i have no intention of posing for wood picture … but i would love to go just to hear these two djs put together in the same room …. plus apparently amici is giving free shots ! 


    Book online for the 17th with Tazkarty.net here - http://tazkarty.net/details.aspx?event_id=143