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  • All Black Everything: Nineteen84′s Eid Party in Gouna


    Conspicuous by their absence last Eid, Nineteen84 are returning to Gouna on Sunday 5th of October with a sleek and sexy party at Moods.

    The sweet sounds of hip-hop and r&b are very much on the menu for All Black Everything, with your appetisers for the night coming courtesy of DJs Moneim and Islam. The main course, meanwhile, comes in the form of musical seductress, Maya, whose on-stage femme fatale performances have been rumoured to have slayed many a man. Yummy.

    Dessert? Well, that’s up to you, partner.

    With the Eid holiday just a few weeks away, All Black Everything has emerged as one of few parties to be announced thus far. You could say that Nineteen84 are ‘back in black’! Haha, yeah? No? Ok.

    Click here for reservation info and stay tuned for more on the last decent holiday of the year.