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  • Alchemy to Sign Off for Ramadan in Style


    Call me an alcoholic heathen if you must, but coming to terms with the closure of Cairo’s bars and clubs for Ramadan isn’t easy. These feelings extend to Dokki bar, Alchemy, as much as – if not more – than any other place. No longer shall Tuesdays be Euphoric; there will be no more Molten Amber or Shiver on a Thursday; no giant bowl of summer salad for four to eat by myself on Saturdays.

    But Al Chemist and co are making sure that you don't forget the Cairo 360 Editor's Choice Award winner anytime soon. This Thursday, An Alchemical Utopia will see the the cove of all things weird and wonderful go all out with a host of treats - a chocolate fountain being a particular temptation.

    And in a gallant effort to cut down waste and avoid doing dishes, a range of their cocktails will be served in the fruits from whence they came - because nothing is more pimp than drinking out of a gutted pineapple.

    This being a special occasion and all, reservations are a must; call 0109 111 0577