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    Ahmed Beltagy Speaks About Tamarai’s Future


    In the latest chapter of Tamarai‘s will they/won’t they saga, it seems that the rooftop hotspot will now not close down in 2014 as rumours had originally suggested. Tamarai has announced that it will in fact live on, well into 2019.

    It’s good news for Tamarai fans, but maybe bad news for Cairo’s bars and clubs, who will have to continue to compete with a venue that has held some of the biggest events in Cairo and set a standard for nightlife in Egypt since opening five years ago.

    So that leaves us with one question: what the hell?

    I’d surrendered to the idea of a Cairo without Tamarai and slowly begun to move on with my life, hoping to find a rebound club to fill the void. But now, you come here and tell me it was all a mistake? Tamarai, you’ve got some explaining to do…

    Cairo Gossip speaks to one of the brains behind the operation, Ahmed Beltagy.

    -You guys had everyone scared for a while there – how close was Tamarai to shutting down?

    Tamarai was NOT close to shutting down; there were some extra demands and requests from Nile Towers management that delayed the contract renewal, but when we fulfilled these demands we signed immediately. It just took time.

    Nile Towers management appreciate our work and they respect our full commitment to our duties.

    -How have people reacted to the good news?

    Tamarai represents the beautiful Egypt that we all miss. What do you expect if you tell people that the old good days are back? This is how people reacted to the news.

    You cannot imagine the cheers and screams we got when we announced the news on the New Year’s Eve!

    -What can we expect from Tamarai in 2014?

    A new concept, gorgeous décor, top of the line sound system, 12 months operations, the most entertaining calendar of events and more.

    In a nutshell, a BLAST.

    -What made you make the decision to renovate the outdoor area?

    Renovation of Tamarai was and will remain a constant process. It started in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and now it’s time for a grand renovation [of the outdoor area].

    The vibe in the terrace is magical and we believe that it’s a unique place in the Middle East, where can you find a place looking over the Nile in the most prestigious building in town – so we decided that this will be our next move.

    -Do you think that Tamarai can still be the top club in Cairo till 2019?

    I don’t think...I KNOW that Tamarai will remain the number one night spot in town till 2019 and let me tell you why.

    As I said, we have the best spot in town, in contemporary building, with gorgeous terrace and stunning Nile views. We know our business well and we love challenges; we love competition to the extent that we compete with ourselves.

    Our sponsors believe in us and our customers, after five years of excellence, trust us. We do our research and we have a great creative team. And there’s another reason that I’d  like to keep it to myself for the time being... Happy New Year!

    Well, there you have it, folks. Stay tuned for a huge 2014 at Tamarai...