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  • Adana Twins & Hisham Zahran to Play Gig in Sahel


    Don’t you just love the buzz of the last few days of Ramadan, as news of parties begins to trickle in? No? Just me then?

    Whatever the case, we bring you more news from Sahel, where German duo, Adana Twins - who like to dabble in everything from deep house to hip-hop and soul - and Nacelle resident, Hisham Zahran, are set to kick-off a new night at Ammos Club in Marassi on Thursday 31st of July.

    The night in question is Jelly; a new concept at Ammos that is said to focus on five things: Connecting, Discovering, Dancing, Drinking, Hospitality. Make of that what you will.

    Reservation lines are yet to be open, but stay tuned...