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  • A Tale of Tequila


    Who doesnt love tequila? It is quite intoxicating isnt it?

    Well guess what Alchmey is celebrating this thursday in its weekly Cocktail/Drinks night Tequila.

    Oh boy they do it in their special way, they bring you one of those big dripper that looks like a Kipp’s Apparatus or whatever the chemical term for it is, in that dripper, is infused tequila with different potions, peach schnapps possible or watermelon, I mean they are the chemists so you just got to trust them on that… and you drink it out of mini flasks as shots… oh boy does that get one  going.

    The thing i like about these weekly nights in alchemy though is that it promotes socializing, see it is easy for me to tell you btw there will be xyz dj on the decks, and you would go them, but no they dont tell you, they dont even mention it, why? because they want you to come and talk. Socialise, use your mouth, know people. grow yourself, something along those lines, and for that I LOVE ALCHEMY