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  • A not so new bar ALERT

    The space is not new, it used to exist back when fishie was a 21 year old but under a different name. It was called Club Evolution, it was a proper dance club, with no seatings and just  a dance floor. That was during the days back when egypt had dance clubs with dance floors, (Evolution, Da Karma, Latex, Indigo etc).  

    well now its on the Trianon boat, and its called YASSO Lounge, now i havent been to the venue yet, but light has shed on it right after the big NACELLE DISCO PARTY! People started left and right talking about how awesome this venue is. 

    Yasso occupies the top floor of the boat, i have driven past it a few times, while i am on my way to the MO4 office, the top floor looks like its half covered with wood, half with glazed glass and ozzes sexy !

    The rumors are, that this venue, would have one a halloween party, which i am not sure if it a recommended one or not, but after that their would be a big LAUNCH party in the middle of november, that is a must go to. 

    So peeps keep on stand by, because i have a feeling this venu might be making some waves on the scene. 


    Fishie says:

    All they need is a good PR manager

    T says:

    It sounds really nice, but i feel like there is some kind of stigma towards clubs on boats, dare i say a sort of bee2aish vibe. What do you think?