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  • A new pub ? The Mulligan’s Pub


    So if you live in EAST CAIRO, You probably hate your life because you have to always come downtown to satisfy your drinking needs.

    Well frit no more. The Mulligan Pub Night is here.

    What is the Mulligan Pub Night?

    Well I do not have a lot of info on it, but  what i know from people who went to the launch last wednesday, is that it is a TRUE pub experience, where music can vary from rock to pop to dance.  A place where you can play, let it be pool table or other games. A place where you can order pitchers of cocktails, sangrias or just good old beer. A place where you can be, YOU.  So curious I am, I shall be heading there this wednesday to check it out. I mean after all its in Katameya Heights clubhouse and run by electrum team, its got to be good.

    Below is an excerpt from their PRIVATE facebook group
    Join us in our weekly Mulligan pub night that will take place every Wednesday at the Katameya Heights clubhouse.
    We’ll be delivering all the traditional forms of pub night entertainment that your mind can think of so dress down for a night of fun, games, pool table shenanigans, pitchers & cocktails of your favorite drinks, and our special menu of delicious pub food…Great mood setting music will be played by our most talented DJs, early does it so be there by 8pm. We hope to see you every week in this fun and familiar setting.
    Kind regards,
    the Electrum team