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  • A Maison Blanche Christmas Party


    What happen you get two organisers, who are leaders in their own genre .. combining together for one classy christmas affair.

    Karim Attalah the master mind of Casual Mondays.. making going out just really about going out and having fun… emphasis on the fun element.

    Mansour Hassan, the brains of Your Kind of Entertainment, really just making CLASSY BRUNCHES happening in cairo ( by the which a lot of organisers are trying to replicate the brunch formula and have failed.. )

    both MANS and Karim are doing together a PRIVATE classy christmas on the 20th of December ! with an entertainment line up that should keep you on your heels all night long ! Samba&Fahmy, Moniem Hafez and just to add a flair of RnB DJ HOOK ! taking place.. yes you guessed it…. the MAISON BLANCHE in the First Mall