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  • A Mad Bash. A Mad Hatter


    Birthdays are the godsend right for every person to party, nothing can stop that.

    This monday marks the birthday, of one Cairo’s own exports. A DJ we bring in from the seaside city of Alexandria, He goes by the name Mad Lou, his real name is Loay Adel. But i love to call him the Mad Hatter. Why The Mad Hatter you might ask? Well for two reasons,

    1- In Alice in Wonderland version, the Mad Hatter is a hyper-active -SOB – exactly like Lou

    2- In Batman. The Mad Hatter “considerable knowledge in how to dominate and control the human mind, either through hypnosis or direct technological means ” (wikipedia) – Which i think Loay tries to do, if you look at him close enough while he is mixing, you would find him squinting his eyes trying to control your mind.

    So yes the Mad Hatter, is taking Risas this monday for a private event of his own, inviting his friends (me included) to throw a big MAD BASH in his honor.

    On the decks would be, himself along with Awadis. But if that is not enough just to give it that fem touch, Louli would be on decks with her hot vocal house

    Rumor has it though there might be some surprises up his mad sleeves that night.