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  • A history of Nacelle house sessions !

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    Almost a year and a half ago, in September 2011 Nacelle Launched its first house sessions in Stilleto! now its cairo’s biggest, most thought after club night!Why well because the people behind nacelle focus on the FUN ELEMENT.

    The nacelle house sessions started back in 2011 in its first venue, Stiletto. It is worth noting the House Sessions  isn’t Nacelle only or first brand/concept, there also is Nacelle Lounge Sessions, Nacelle RAR that took place in Melouk,  Nacelle’s Disco Strike Back party,  and more recently the Nacelle B-Side. Also there was there was infamous Aly B summer gouna house party, it wasnt a a nacelle party, but it had all the elements of one. FUN.

    When the house sessions started, it started with Aly B & Tito ! the original house sessions duo, with all those past elements in consideration  lead to a great the launch. I heard a rumor that Aly B and Tito met months before the house sessions, they connected and fell in love with each other on a musical wave, … they still argue though whether the wave was a C-minor or D.

    As time passed the Nacelle “House Sessions”  have gathered a huge momentum, people started gossiping about it, people who didnt know what it is like myself was curious. So, one a drunken night after Tamarai…  I went to my first house session, i think, when Ashibah was flown in to play. I heard House music, I heard some funk, I saw Ashibah singing while she was DJing, i saw a DANCE FLOOR ! YES A DANCE FLOOR IN EGYPT! where people actually where wiggling it! … from then i became a Nacelle Addict. Yes i have a problem, i am addicted to Nacelle!

    A year and a half later! Tito & Aly B the original house sessions are taking the decks again this friday yet again !!

    This image is a concatenation of a series of different nacelle pictures. Can you guess who is in the picture