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  • A Gouna Hang Over

    Two things on Egyptian partygoers minds this week, first is how to obtain one of the most coveted tickets to the Diwi & Aguizy Nile Temple halloween party. Second is how to find a place in Gouna. This EID it seems people have smartened up and actually reserved early, even though nothing was announced till date but they had a feeling something great will happen there on the ten days break of EID! Well I am telling you those people where right!

    After the success of Cirque Du Soir & Refresh Party, event organizer Tamer Banna is building on this success with two (2) epic parties this EID in club 88.

    1. Morning pool party on Sunday the 6th, with a DJ from Beirut and a show from the hottest new club in Ibiza, Ushuaia, and of course OPEN BAR.
    2. THE HANG OVER PARTY, Titled after the hang over movie, with the same theme, with the same factor of craziness. Think live chicken in boxes and real TIGER in cages. Think massive fireworks along with fire and acrobatic dancers from Spain. Think that these dancers won’t be on stage, but shall be scattered among the selected few to come to the party. Think bartenders in costumes and of course OPEN BAR.  Imagine hot music from London’s Maddox & Luxx resident Dj. Think of the hang over crazy factor. All this taking place on Monday the 7th of November.

    So if you are in Gouna these are two parties not to be missed, and this is telling you based on the experience I personally had in Cirque Du Soir & Refresh. If you haven’t planned yet to go to Gouna, well you must! So start hunting for those places to stay in!