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  • a flair to sahel

    Marek Posluzny - the world #1 Flair bartender

    Marek Posluzny - the world #1 Flair bartender


    el Villa has assembled a team of professional bar tenders, some of which are best in each field, you remember konrad from amici well guess what he is back!!!!!!

    but thats not it, there is more, we hear that there a number 1 flair bartender .. Marek Posluszny [ check video below ]

    and  you would think thats it but NO! there is more there is a team of 3 stunning looking bartenders Rene, Mike and Gabrielle coming from England and Denmark

    So quinch your thirst ! and if you hungry… well you know those beautiful kofta, or shrimp skillets we have in the PUB 28 … well that too!