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  • A Double T Soukhna Weekend

    This long weekend seems like majority of the party goers are heading to one place, that is soukhna! in there would be the double Ts operating ….. Tamarai and Tabla !! so hello options of things to do !  

    on Thursday 6th of october Tamarai will be colobarting with Villa Mercedes Athens (www.villamercedes-athens.com) to bring you a Soukhna Night with a sugarbabes performance !!!!!! yes i think you read this right … the SUGARBABES !!! the Djs on the Decks would be the villa mercedes resident DJ Evangelos Chalas and Tamarai’s own DJ Lyon, and tamarai  talks about a special surprise that ignite your night!

    For Tabla, though as per my phone call with Wahdan, expect a beirut flair on thursday and friday but not a skybar event, i am assuming here to expect a lebanease DJ and maybe a few bartenders from up there . Dont try to phone in and reserve since they are reserved out since last weekend, and on wednesday Tabla is hosting a private party for their regulars to tell them THANK YOU!  basically FREE BUCHON, FREE FOOD!  as wahdan this is a way to say thank you to the people who come to us on regular bases, that we see in our place every weekend.