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  • a 1001 Nights NYE

    2011 is coming to an end, and a lot of us relieved for that this year is coming to end, and what better to way to celeberate the ending of a year than with a big party !!! 

    By Ganz has announced the details of their NYE and this year its titled 1001 NIGHTS, set to take place in the fairmont Heliopolis. below is an extract from the e-invite sent from the byGanz team

    byGanz entertainment will take you back in time to the golden era when fantasy, indulgence and Arabian enchantment take centre stage. This mystifying event takes place at the location of the vintage cabaret of past times. The ultimate international entertainment will transport you from 2011 to 2012 on a truly enthralling journey. From performances by America’s got Talent artists Kaya and Sadia, and the award-winning violinist from DANI/V

    and now here is what i know, that the guest list is pre-selected with a few options for reservation, and the seating is very limited, and with all NYE events you need to reserve early to garantee a seat.  Also note that the to reserve for this you got to reserve a table too. 

    For reservation, well as i said its an exclusive list, so you got find your own way to secure it :) Fishie cant help here

    Finally check out for the first time the video of HOLLYWOOD NYE from last year.