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  • 9 Hot Mid-week Parties: Egyptian Project, DJ Feedo, DJunkie, ABU & More


    What can possibly stop you from partying? The bad weather or the extra load of work your boss is giving you? We tell you NOTHING can stop you! The finest bars and clubs are giving you the chance to throw all of this behind you and just enjoy the midweek. So, here’s a list of what they’re cooking for you.

    1.       Egyptian Project (Acoustic) @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 1/5)


    People’s favourite experimental band, Egyptian Project, is bringing its acoustic set of folk and oriental tunes to Cairo Jazz Club once again. And it’s a night everyone says you shouldn’t miss.

    2.       Basementality Ft. AKLADIOS @ Basement – Urban Pub (Tuesday 1/5)


    Basement – Urban Pub famous Tuesday continues as DJ Akladios will do all the music magic and leave the dancing to you.

    3.       Oriental Tuesday @ Music Zone (Tuesday 1/5)


    Sometimes in order to escape from all the work nonsense, all you need is an oriental night! So you better head to Music Zone, and enjoy belly dancer Emily as she dances over the music of their resident DJs Migoo, Bassem and Rika.

    4.       Tuesday After Work BBQ ft. Hassan Abou Alam @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 1/5)


    As always, CJC 610 serves the BBQs to (b)eat, and the best beats for dancing! This Tuesday, you can enjoy their barbeque over the tunes of DJ Hassan Abou Alam.

    5.       R&B/Hip Hop Ladies Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Bar (Tuesday 1/5)

    CJC - Cairo 360 8th Anniversary -77

    The king, DJ Feedo, is still enchanting all the queens of Cairo, and will be at Gu Bar for a ladies night.

    6.       Elementary ft. Goblin , Muhammed & Sheeko @ The Garden Nile Front (Tuesday 1/5)


    Take your girl for a night out at The Garden Nile Front with a free entry and enjoy a dancing night by DJs Goblin, Muhammed & Sheeko.

    7.       Throwback ft. Ramy DJunkie & AK @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 2/5)


    If you asked someone what was the best time for R&B and Hip-Hop songs? They’d surely tell you old ones. And if you asked who plays them best? They’d absolutely say Djunkie and AK. So head to CJC and enjoy a nostalgic night.

    8.       ZigZag Live feat. Lekhfa @ Zigzag (Wednesday 2/5)


    Zigzag Live’s season two is ending with a unique performance by Lekhfa band, and it’s going to be epic!

    9.       Takh / Abu @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 2/5)


    The man who doesn’t need an introduction will be singing his 3 da’at at CJC 610, and Takh will be serving some sarcastic lyrics for you to enjoy.

    These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

    By Sara Mosharef