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  • 8 Ways to Spot Introverts at Parties

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    Some say introverts aren’t really the partying kind. It’s 2018, and the time for silly stereotypes is long gone! And for that reason alone, we’ve made it our personal mission to provide a better understanding of the inner workings of the mind of introverts in a party setting.


    1. Divide and Conquer

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    An introvert’s approach when it comes to mingling with new people tends to be different from that of an extrovert. They avoid large clusters of people, and so you’ll find them mingling with one or two people at a time instead of working the room. Attaching themselves to an extrovert at a party is one of the many strategies they use to mingle and meet new people. Most introverts have to be approached, as they don’t normally do the approaching.  

    2. Keeping Busy

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    They like performing activities that don’t really involve a lot of conversation. So, if it’s a house party, they’ll most likely offer to help with anything to keep busy. Perhaps with cleaning up, DJing, serving drinks, and taking pictures (they do like being in pictures with people as well, keep that in mind).

    3. Early bird

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    Most likely the first to arrive and first to leave are the introverts, and they’ll try doing so as inconspicuously as humanly possible. And, if there’s a side door to the venue that the party is held at, you best believe they’re taking it.

    4. Time out

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    As a way to handle their tendency of getting overwhelmed by large crowds, you’ll find introverts taking five to ten-minute breaks just to recharge. They could choose the bathroom as their go-to or a quick smoke alone outside, the venue’s policy regarding smoking indoors/outdoors is of no importance to them.

    5. Attention to detail

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    An introvert pays special attention to their surroundings. They could turn into an art critic or a book critic given the right pressure. And if it’s a house party, you’ll find them paying attention to a pet if there’s one around.

    6. Natural Habitat

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    If you lose your introverted friend at a party, almost always you’ll find them in the corners or at the edges of a room, checking their phones like their lives depend on it, just to avoid the pressure of having to get along with every stranger there is.

    7. No Small talk

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    Loud music and small talk simply do not mix when it comes to introverts. But then again who likes small talk, right?

    8. The right environmental conditions

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    Introverts would rather host, or plan and coordinate the party, along with where and who will be there, as their way of connecting to people, but on their own terms, and under the right environmental conditions. And, if you decide to invite other people that your introverted friends don’t know, giving them a pre-warning would go a long way.

    Happy partying, and cheers introverts!


    By Dina Khafagy