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  • CGuides: 6IX Degrees Brings Essam Karika, Tarek El Sheikh & More This Weekend


    We are not going to lie and say that you didn’t miss anything worthwhile during Eid break because we, for fact, know you did. For 5 consecutive days, 6IX Degrees was fresh with the coolest sets, some mind-blowing performances, and a fresh coastal breeze. While you may think that summer is over because September is closing in fast, along with autumn, 6ix Degrees thinks otherwise.


    First off, 6ix Degrees is bent on providing its goers with a heavy dose of orientalat their Hips Don’t Lie party. The day begins with some hip shaking by Anastasia, and a round of upbeat tunes by Armen Sarkis. Later, the metaphorical “curtains” will draw open for the stars of the night, Essam Karika and Hamdy Batchan. Their songs are more than just feel-good tunes, rather they are – forever – songs which remind us of the good old days. Catch all of these performers on Thursday guys!


    Thursday is just a warm-up, that is, if you are not a lazy bum who likes to – only – look at sunsets, stars and contemplate the reason behind your existence. On Friday, 6ix Degrees is bringing its goers the Lebanese singer, Ziad Bourji, a singer who has blown up the Arab world with his pop music. Later, DJ Hady El Saba will be joining the decks for another a bit of bass and everything you love about music. Speaking of music that we love, Tarek El Sheikh will also be taking to the stage folks! And, if you are into fire, there is a fire show by Sami Youssef, making for a truly lit ending!